At the end of every year, the House of Dav-Oz, which is the parent body of the Dav-Oz Blog, Dav-Oz Grafix and Dav-Oz Fashion, recognizes exceptional individuals who’d been quite instrumental to the growth and development of either of the House of Dav-Oz brands throughout the year in review. These recognitions are called the Dav-Oz Motivational Icon Awards. These individuals might not have directly impacted any of the brands on a personal level but their achievements or personality are/is what’s usually focused on.

The Awards started out in 2017 as the Dav-Oz Awards. As at then, it was just a daily citation of awardees via the founder’s personal Facebook account platform and there were eight (8) announced awardees. The feedback was impressive. In 2018, the name became what it is known as now, The Dav-Oz Motivational Icons’ Awards. The 2018 awards had thirteen (13) recipients and of course, it also had good feedback from both the awardees and our followers. In 2019, due to unforeseen circumstances, the awards weren’t conducted. Finally, the 3rd Edition was in 2020 with thirteen (13) recipients awarded and was the first edition announced via this blog. A new set of recognition was included; The Power List. This edition witnessed an increase in readership from the blog and had quite amazing reviews.

The DOMIs had always been strictly honorary and based on personal selections by the founder, Dav-Oz. This year though, we’re glad to announce that, for the first time in the history of The DOMI Awards, we’ll be adding 5 voting categories namely:

The Nomination & Voting Process for The 4th DOMI Awards

Nomination is ongoing and would end by 11:59pm (WAT) on Saturday, the 11th of September 2021. To nominate, click on any of the categories above and fill the form. Nominees must be within Nigeria. Nomination is free.

After the Nomination deadline, the in-house committee deliberates and selects at-least 5 nominees for each category. Theses nominees will automatically make the final nomination list, which will be announced via this site and our social media handles.

The public are then given the opportunity to vote their choice in the various categories. Voting would begin 1st October and end on the 31st October. Voting is also free.

The winners would be unveiled on a later date.

So what else are you waiting for? Start sending in your nominations now.

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I'm just your regular young Nigerian lad with dreams and hope for a better future.

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