FRAMED IN THE FLAME (A Poem) by Nnamdi Dixon Onuoha

A daily prayer
For every player.
The quest to be a Slayer,
And a productive old layer.

Social media, the best tool.
Keeping up to standard, the number one rule.
Turn to a celebrated fool.
But it seems so cool.

At hangouts, I pay,
“Don’t laugh much in public”, they say,
Spend on cloth, to earn that title.
You hungry, but eat little.

For a meal you paid for, you waste.
After having a little taste.
What the hell happened to “GOD HATES WASTE”?

Pride shouldn’t let you ask for help,
Or let’s say, everyone looked up to you for help.
Pack age and package is the sausage
That made me a freeman in a cage.

Break values to get to the top,
And still called to talk about value,
We give it when we have it
But you don’t have it, you sold it.

Same lame fame that burns like flame.
Everyone is interested in the steps you take, decisions you make.
Any mistake turns fame,
So we are fake cos of fame.

Tired of bullshit FAME!
Please what else can I pray for in God’s name?

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