If you want to write an essay that will get people’s attention, you have to start with something chic, something catchy, eyeballsy that someone with large goggles and a turned down window will probably see a few feet away.

It has to be something people will probably feel without prodding too hard like a well greased oiled machine.

Writing is an art and like all forms of expression, it comes with different moods.

I didn’t feel like writing today and to be honest if I really thought about writing anything it would be about Beyoncé.

Let’s take a minute and talk about this super mogul who has taken everyone in the music world by eye jutting storm.

No only is she a successful singer and actor, she’s a mother of three.

I can imagine that Beyoncé has 24 hours everyday. Just like me and you. And unlike me, I’d like to think she has a pretty organized schedule.

I believe that her life is full of so much fun she forgets to sleep and eat on some days and just sings and sings and sings all day.

Or probably she has many busy days, juggling tours, her music production and doing outstanding documentaries like a one man show.

In spite of this knowledge, I still find it difficult to imagine Beyoncé’s life with any form of complexity.

You should understand. She’s the queen of pop.

Far removed from everyday troubles.

But what if Beyoncé has bad days?

What if she decided to sing and missed a key or tried an adlib that landed way too flat?

Would it be impossible to imagine?

Or maybe Beyoncé gets tired of singing and considers writing for a living for instance?

Would she be amazing?

Would she take her time to observe all her comas and sentence constructions or would it be hazy lazy drool of words?

Probably not.

Her words would probably be in black, bold and in formation.

The truth is most of us have bad days even, even THE most dedicated of us and it can only take some deep level of hope and determination to get us out of our self indulgence.

So maybe this week hasn’t been so amazing? Probably.

A lot keeps happening everyday.

And like everyone, you’re also wondering when the world will get on its feet and put this whole Corona thing behind it.

I think the same.

And on most bad days, while the thought of Beyoncé dancing and singing continuously pleases me, I understand that life is not always shiny and just might not be as flawless as I might want it to be.

Because even the superstars have bad days.

So take a tall glass of comfort and be happy.

Do your chores with gusto.

Do that assignment thoroughly.

Eat your favourite food.


And toast to good memories.

Not all of us can be writers or singers or celebrities but we can try to be amazing at what we do.


Sedo Elijah Ebinne

Sedo is a writer and poet. He’s the principal writer of the SEDO WRITES section in this blog. A romantic, he attempts to fuse his passion for aesthetics and culture with varying themes he considers to be much more important. He lives in Enugu State, Nigeria with his four dogs. You can reach him on twitter @lettersfromsedo and on his website sedoebinne.substack.com.

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