If you want a lady who’s ready to put in an m yet so for a cause, Ms Lilian is that lady. Talk about a lady who is goal oriented, success driven, determined, unbiased in leadership, endearing and most of all, beautiful; that’s Ms. Lilian for you.

I first met Lilian when she was asked to model with my friend for a start-up photography brand. On getting there, I needed no one to tell me that she was the lady in charge. It wasn’t until months later that we started talking, after she had founded her own modeling Agency.

One of the things you wouldn’t miss about Ms. Lillian after coming close to her is that she’s one success for higher excellence in any project she’s a part of. She’s go as far as fighting tooth and nail to ensure success is the end result; a trait often misunderstood. When you speak of ladies with authority, Ms. Lillian should be top the list.

Ms. Lilian is also a lady with an incredible fashion sense. She might not always wear the latest but she makes the available an eye catcher.

She’s a Chemical Engineer, a fashion Icon, a YouTuber with her own channel; Liligold Fashion TV and a great entrepreneur. She’s runs the 207 Models Management and is the chief organizer of the Annual FashNova Fashion Experience. She’s also a baker with an excellent touch of creativity and climatic taste.

It’s because of her leadership qualities that she was nominated for the Quintessential Icon Of The Year Award at this year’s DOMI Awards.

There are a lot to say about this young lady but time won’t be enough. She really is someone I would never ever forget in a hurry. That’s why it’s no mistake she’s one of the DOMI Award recipients this year.

Stay connected as we continue to unveil the rest of the DOMI Award Recipients that would be officially awarded on the 11th of December, 2021.