OF COURSE, I’M A POET (By Nnamdi Dixon Onuoha)

I’m a poet,
Of course, even my lover wouldn’t believe I’m real,
Babe thinks I’m just showcasing my poetry skills.

I’m a poet,
Of course, I could be too emotional,
But some see me as delusional.

I’m a poet,
Of course, we like to show ourselves,
Even when nobody cares to see us.

I’m a poet,
You could find me boring,
Or you could find me alluring.

I’m a poet,
Of course, a lot of people think poetry is easy,
So they dish out watery rhymes with Effizzy.

I’m a poet,
Of course, when I say I love rhymes and puns,
Others hear; “I love rhymes and porn”.

I’m a poet,
Of course, everyone believes you can scratch your back and get a line,
Now I’m bleeding cos I’ve been scratching my back for a long time, yet not a single line.

I’m a poet,
Of course, if you scroll down, drop a comment, and rate this post,
I will cherish you the most.

© Nnamdi Dixon

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