Determined, creative, classy, influential and handsome; attributes barely enough to qualify our next Dav-Oz Motivational Icons Honourary Awardee.

The first time I came across Mr. Eche was during the National Youth Summit 2017 in Enugu where I was to represent my boss on the fashion runway. He was in charge of the fashion event. That was where I first noticed the leadership qualities possessed by Mr. Eche Duru. One of the things I admired was how he was willing to call out rubbish whenever and wherever he saw it. His organisational skills were so top notch that excellence was evidently projected to be the end result.

Fast forward to a year later when he convened the Nigerian Global Fashion Tour 2018; he had personally invited me as one of the showcasing designers on the show. I had a beautiful time there actually. Till date, it’s one of the best run ways I’ve ever attended.

It’s safe to say that if you are aiming for class, excellence and majesty in your project, Mr. Eche Duru is your guy. Creativity is never away from him as the littlest project is undertaken with so much carefulness, eccentricity and poise. He always has the best idea to help you move forward.

Mr. Eche is also an amazing event host, fashion Icon and brand ambassador with a career built from his teenage years. He’s also a great fashion stylist with connections to the high and mighty in the fashion world.

There are a lot to say about this young gentleman but time won’t be enough. He really is someone I would never ever forget in a hurry. That’s why it’s no mistake he’s one of the DOMI Award recipient this year.

Stay connected as we continue to unveil the rest of the DOMI Award Recipients that would be officially awarded on the 11th of December, 2021.