If classy and exquisite were a person, that would be Ms. Karyl. I’ve known Karyl personally since 2015; before then, I had heard beautiful things about her, her amazing musical and fashion skills from her cousin, things that made meeting her seem more of a priority. We first became friends as occupants in the same lodge in school. When I showed her some of my fashion designs, l must admit, her compliments gave me life.

Ms. Karyl was among the first set of people that made me believe so much in my dreams as a fashion designer. That was why when the question of who could stitch my illustration to life for my first ever collection came up, she was the only option. Not only did she do an amazing job as though she knew my mind, she did so at a very comfortable discount bearing in mind that I was still a student.

Ms. Karyl is a fashion designer, a stylist and a creativity expert. Her brand, Karyl’s Kreations, boasts of numerous customers within and outside the country making her a major force to contend with in the fashion industry. With Karyl, fashion creativity comes easy. On my list of top fashion stylists, she is definitely found in the top three spot.

As a singer, Ms. Karyl has this beautiful voice that leaves you lost in a world of musical harmony. It was as a result of her Instagram post where she made an acapella rendition of Coldplay’s “Fix You” that I had to fall in love with the song. She sang it so well to the point I was so emotional. That was when I confirmed how good a singer she was.

There are a lot to say about this young lady but time won’t be enough. She really is someone I would never ever forget in a hurry. That’s why it’s no mistake she’s one of the Dav-Oz Motivational Icons Award recipient this year.

Stay connected as we continue to unveil the rest of the DOMI Award Recipients that would be officially awarded on the 11th of December, 2021.

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