Intelligent, smart, creative and calculated; words not enough to describe our next Dav-Oz Motivational Icons Award Recipient.

I first knew Mr. David as a fellow course mate back in the university but we first began talking after we’d left school. One of the things I always loved about him was his public personality; reserved. And when I found out he was also progressively minded, my admiration for him intensified.

Mr. David is a lot of things; he’s a graduate of Computer Engineering from one of the most prestigious federal universities in Eastern Nigeria, an Amazing artist who has made a lot of magic with his pencils, a prolific author with best-selling books to his credit, a content writer with numerous positive testimonies from clients and an authentic website developer.

In addition to all that’s been listed above, he’s a very good adviser whose words have uplifted so many and never failed to leave a positive mark, writing from experience. Some of the structural changes that’s made this blog site more beautiful and easily accessible were as a result of suggestions and opinions by Mr. David.

He finds a way to bring out beauty even from even the ugliest of things.

There are a lot to say about this young gentleman but time won’t be enough. He really is someone I would never ever forget in a hurry. That’s why it’s no mistake he’s one of the DOMI Award Honourary recipients this year.

Stay connected as we continue to unveil the rest of the DOMI Award Honourary Recipients that would be officially awarded on the 11th of December, 2021.


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