This is rather late but let’s tell the truth about WandaVision

With WandaVision, Marvel played on our devotion to the Avengers franchise, and exploited our longing for the closure ‘End Game’ did not give us. To give us more, the writers at Marvel, being the geniuses they are, opened a door into Wanda’s home –  literally. In infinity wars Wanda almost subdued Thanos. Her fight scene with Thanos showed her to be a force that was only scratching the tip of her power. And now that her story is being exploited, I am as usual left with ‘ohs’ and ‘ahas’ and ‘she can do that?’

Starting off as a slow sitcom interjected with all of these instantaneous blebs between decades, I thought the show tried too hard to channel this recent energy of breaking down a genre and making a chaotic caricature of it. But It eventually fell to pieces for me when the detail about the sitcom being recorded and edited by Wanda (or a consciousness that is also Wanda; or an alter ego) was made known. I understand that it served to create a loophole with which the heros could rescue Westview but it also reduced the first 3 episodes to a gimmick. Makes the series into a ‘water and oil’ blend of styles but with jabby edges, and that created jarring static moments in my psyche as i tried to follow the story.

I think in the entire show; the only genuinely funny moment was when Agatha Harkness was revealed. That jingo they used to introduce her was ‘the shit’. I think it was also funny that Vision could undo Wanda’s mind control spell and put it back, or that he thought he could. What is that? Am I a joke to you, Marvel? How did Wanda get pregnant too? How do you will life into being, and out of nothing? Isn’t that against the laws of magic or something?

With these mini-franchises it feels like Marvel is trying to make their characters into fully formed (developed) individuals. But the thing is, I can still summarize all 5 hours or so of Marvel’s WandaVision in one paragraph and that’s not good.

Knowing Marvel fans to be like Apple fans, I expect that I’d be come for?, but thank God for anonymity.

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  1. First off, I don’t even think you grab the concept of the series, Marvel has this thing for continuity. WandaVision happened after the events of Endgame, we all know Vision died at the end of Infinity war, now, Wanda couldn’t leave with that fact, she had to create a reality where vision is alive. She’s powerful enough, so she did.
    Now, about the pregnancy, we saw Vision could switch from his normal look to a human look, if he can do that, I see no reason why Wanda can’t be Impregnated.
    Vision could undo Wanda’s mind control, you know why? Because Vision was made with the mind stone, remember? The stone Thanos collected from his head is the mind stone. If you have been following marvel from the First Iron man 2008 till now, then you’d fully understand everything that went on in WandaVison.
    And lastly like I stated, Marvel has this thing with continuity, WandaVision is a direct setup for Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness, and WandaVision was the beginning of Marvel Phase 4!

  2. I don’t think you read my review. If you did, maybe reread it cos your first point was addressed in my first paragraph.

    There was this episode where vision accidentally swallowed gum and he was close to going up in flames, cos on the inside he is still made up of gears and fan belts. Vision doesn’t completely morph when he changes form… and except I didnt do biology properly, I dont see how a non living machine would produce living sperm.

    Even if vision was made with the mind stone like you’re suggesting (he wasn’t btw), it doesnt make sense that he could undo the spell and PUT IT BACK, emphasis on put it back. You can’t just put back someone else’s mind control spell if you do not know the syntax of the spell. Moreover, this vision did not have the mind stone.

    Finally, and to direct you to where I acknowledged this continuity, refer to; ” To give us more, the writers at Marvel…”, in paragraph 1

  3. Vision is a synthezoid made from vibranium, created by Ultron with the help of Helen Cho, and given life by the powerful artifact known as the Mind Stone.
    Vision is powered with the mind stone, he has the power to undo, he didn’t undo per say, he disrupted it in a way and snapped it back.
    Vision doesn’t need to know the syntax of the spell to do what he did!
    And something Marvel does sometimes is They explain a concept that happened in a previous movie in the follow up movie! So, the explanation to the pregnancy would be revealed later but If you go and read the comics of how Wanda got pregnant, you’d understand, let me share a line from the comics. ” Wanda unknowingly uses Mephisto’s disassembled soul to magically become pregnant (what with Vision being an android and all) and when Mephisto’s soul is reassembled, she loses her twins — hence how the “House of M” storyline comes into being”.
    Now, Mephisto, is the villain in the upcoming movie, Doctor Strange in the multiverse of Madness which Wanda will feature in. So, like I said explanation are still come up, you’d know this if you are an ardent marvel follower, they always explain anything complicated. You can also read comics to get some info before the movies come out!

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