SINGSPIRE: OBU ONYE By Pst. Douglas Jonathan & Helen King (Song Review by David Ozouwa)

Many words come to mind when I think of this song but one word stands out more; HEAVENLY.

Obu Onye was produced by OLISEHDGREAT & released on the 12th of Nov. 2021.

I think what I love most about this song are the numerous elements that were commingled to birth this work of divine beauty. The amazing collaboration between the highly spirited gospel power house personified, Pst. Douglas Jonathan & the ever spectacular gospel vocal treasure, Helen King; the melodic & on-point backup vocals; the marvelous accompanying instrumentals and the inspiration driven all make this song an iconic gift to the gospel music genre.

Obu Onye is a song that highly worship & speaks about the supremacy of God & his son, Jesus.

This song came to me at a time when I needed the constant reminder that God is ever present within & around me. I had to put it on repeat just so I could get to sing it on my own. The part I loved most was when Helen King kept on calling God sweet names towards the ending & the response from the choir after these names (Obu onye kamgasi noyiri Gi).

I would confess though, the title seemed a little cliché when I first saw the promotional poster, hence my hesitance to listen to the song but then, when you know the singers and how spiritually uplifting they are, you kinda give them the benefit of the doubt & expect the best; and I can tell you I’m glad I did give them the benefit of the doubt.

You see, Pst. Douglas was one of the first pastors that ever made loving God a sweet experience for me. I’ve listened to most of his message & one thing you’d never miss about him is his love for music & how he successfully uses it to invite God’s presence into the atmosphere before he ministers; you could just feel it.

I have been privileged to meet Helen King up-close few times but those were on official duties. Helen King belongs to those class of gospel music ministers that communicate with every part of their body when ministering. Hand gestures plus her countless names to worship Christ, you’re already in God’s heavenly presence worshipping. So yeah, it’s a little wonder how the song was able to be so impactful.

According to Pst. Douglas Jonathan, “This song is born out of deep Communion with the Holy Spirit of God and it’s a vehicle that will always carry you to The Presence.” No Argument there for me.

This song is out on a lot of music sites but you can download it by clicking HERE
To watch on YouTube, click HERE.

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