Honestly, to say that I’m not disheartened by the happenings recently in my country, Nigeria is an understatement. It is now safe to say that the #endsars protest which initially had an ocean of surprisingly hopeful outcomes has been hijacked. The future I saw for two weeks, of a new country where I’d be proud to boast I am part of, is slowly fading out. I literally cried as I saw the brutal result of the Lekki Massacre on the 20th of October, 2020. Indeed, 20-10-20 will never be forgotten.

After mustering up as much energy I could despite being hopeless, I decided to use this space as a voice to air out how different people feel. Hence, the birth of this category: The Angle. In this category, you’ll be seeing a lot of posts where Nigerians and also non-Nigerians will try as skillfully as they can to relay their feelings, hope, frustrations and pains experienced as a result of being a part of a nation such as this. Some of these posts will be in form of poems, articles, stories and other genres of literature. The aim of this new category is not merely to encourage writers but to see the extent as to what most people, especially the young generations, are facing in this country. This isn’t much, I know. But this is something at least.

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I'm Dav-Oz, and  I'm the Chief Editor of The Dav-Oz Blog, a graphic designer and upcoming fashion designer.

I'm just your regular young Nigerian lad with dreams and hope for a better future.


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