THE DESIGNER’S SECRET SAUCE: How I Manage to Wow My Clients 100% of the Time (By James Chimdindu)

Now that I’ve got your attention, I can bluntly tell you that you’ve been fooled!
You cannot ‘WOW’ your clients every time. Don’t be in a hurry to leave though, I’d tell you how you can keep them hooked, for LIFE! I ain’t kidding this time around.

What do clients want?

Beyond the “Think outside the box” cliche used by clients which loosely means being creative, what do clients want from a Designer? The answer is simple, SALES. And sales translate to more money. Why else would a client invest so much in branding and outlook if not to sell their event, product, or service?

Now that you know what your clients want, how do you guarantee them that?

Great visuals! You must think critically about the visual design because you’re designing for your client’s audience, your goal should be to turn them into raving fans. A proper audience analysis would go a long way. You don’t necessarily need to embark on hours of research or go ahead to print a questionnaire to hand to your client’s audience (that may be required in some large-scale branding work). Questions like “Who is my target audience?”, “What is their age group?”, “What is their perception of color?”, should guide your visual designs.

Beyond visuals, there’s something else that I use that has always worked for me — COPYWRITING!

When you pair your eye-popping design with a good copy, magic happens.

Happivibe Services Mother’s Day campaign posters (2021 and 2022)

I have created advert designs for several agencies — one of which is the up-and-coming Happivibe Services and the turnout was massive call bookings. Of course, certain marketing strategies were employed, but you must get it right from the start, — you the Designer. Always make sure to tell a story with your visuals in relation to the copy, and you’d keep your client’s audience hooked. More sales = more money for your client and ultimately for you. Win-win!!!

Check out this advert for Chess in Slums Africa

Advert design for CISA for the month of March

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