THE GENESIS (Conga Series: Volume 2, Episode 1) By Nnamdi Dixon Onuoha

Once upon a time in this bustling city, I found myself in quite a predicament.

I had traveled all the way from Umuahia. I was weak, and as I searched for respite, I saw this beautiful building, it looked like a five-star hotel, and a tiny voice said to me, “This is the place that befits your person”. I paid for a week in the hotel and for these few days of my life, I felt like Eddie Murphy in Coming to America. Little did I know that my stay wouldn’t go as planned.

I had come to this town in pursuit of a better life, all my friends made it look like parcels tagged “Better Life” were handed over to everyone on arrival. Unfortunately, my luck run out when I found myself without a single Naira left to my name. No family or friends to run to. I could not connect Chidiebube who was my motivation to embark on this journey. It looked like I was left alone with the accuser of the brethren.

Days passed and desperation set in as I had exhausted all my options. One drizzly evening, as the gray clouds loomed overhead, I decided to use my remaining charm and quick thinking to escape from the hotel without paying for the extra days I spent in the room and food. The clock was ticking and I knew I had to act fast.

With my eyes stained with determination, I hatched my plan. I spotted the receptionist. Dhe was a jovial middle-aged woman, I have heard them call her Aunty NK. I approached her with a false sense of urgency, feigning distress.

“Aunty NK abeg, my family just got involved in an accident and I need to leave right now”, I said to her in a fake distressed tone.

“Oh, chai, I hope nobody died?”, She asked in a soft tone.

“Yes, but I cannot tell if they are fine until I get there”, I replied. “How much is my bill?” I added.

She went through her records and punched the keys of her calculator.
“You owe us an extra three days for the room. That is thirty-six thousand Naira. Then your bill for restaurant services is thirty eight thousand Naira, but you see I really like your way and I would love to help you. I will give you a discount to support you”

My eyes glazed, and my mortal body was strengthened as soon as I heard the word “Discount”.

“Instead of paying seventy-four thousand Naira, pay seventy-three thousand eight hundred”, she concluded with an innocent smile which I interpreted as hypocrisy.

Immediately I cursed her in my heart and in a soft voice and pathetic mood, I asked, “Please ma, can I go and come back later to pay the money?”

Aunty NK looked at me as she giggled continuously, “You know say I be simple person, I’m understanding and I don’t have a problem. It’s okay, I will help you” she said, “like I always say, family is more important than money”.

Excited I turned to leave, she must be a nice woman.

“Thank you, Aunty NK”, I acknowledged.

“Don’t thank me yet o” She said and all the smiles left her face. There was this awkward stare and silence for so long. Finally, she said, “Follow me”.

That was how I started working in Hotel Conga. My first four months salary was used to pay the debts and I was not allowed to leave the hotel premises during that four months. I saw shege.

– Nnamdi Dixon

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