I have seen some of your takes on the ritual killings.

And while I agree with some I would love to point out a few things.

If you believe in God, you believe in the outright impossible things written in the bible, like Moses parting the red sea, Moses and a magician changing a rod to a snake, and Moses snake swallowing that of the magician. The most ridiculous of them all being Mary being impregnated by God without carnal knowledge (Sex).

No matter how much sense you’re trying to make, you sound dumb holding the position that blood money or ritual killings is not real. That’s a fact we have to establish because even the bible did not tell us that the devil does not give, it rather said that all that the devil gives brings sorrow, it comes at a price. The bible recognises blood money, you’re just not sound enough to see through it.

Finally, the only people to blame for the moral decay, and the growing hunger for fast cash inherent in our young adults are each and every one for us.

You contributed to this the moment you called someone a hater for asking the right questions about XYZ’s source of income.

You contributed to this when you nagged your boyfriend to depression because according to you “his mates are busy driving cars and he is busy giving you excuses” although you acknowledge he is on his feet but have been unlucky. Although you’re pretty much aware that in Nigeria, having a degree is not enough. You kept talking down on him instead of encouraging him.

As a parent, you contributed to this, the moment you heaped the responsibility of the whole family on the shoulder of that young man you call your son. Too young to take care of himself, yet he is expected to go hustle and bring money for the family. I mean, if it was that easy, you wouldn’t have to make your child take on your responsibilities.

The Cubana’s and Hushpuppy’s of Nigeria. Who are in the business of incessantly displaying wealth on social media caused this.

I always ask this same question; why is a black man that is into crime in so much haste to show people he has made it compared to Europeans?

I’ll tell you why. It is because they know the society they are from is filled with money worshippers. scratch that. Black communities globally are wrecked because the money worship syndrome is engrained in our blood.

Money Mayweather, a sports man, arguably one of the richest sports men alive is so poor mentally that he has to take pictures with heaps of cash because he knows black people loves it. How many Europeans do you see behave like that?

Neither of Ronaldo or Messi will ever get caught displaying their wealth like that But when it’s a black man, he wants to show you his gold teeth, 50 gold chains on his neck like a dog. His wrists and every sparkling item on his body. White people do not have a culture that celebrates such style of living, they understand that this is how you put undue pressure on younglings, when you hear of white people, when you see how they do things only one word comes to mind – CLASS.

For their selflessness towards humanity and the desire for continuous growth, making their immediate environment a replica of their dream, we are running over there in numbers. They understand what it takes to build society, they understand moral values and they uphold it, regardless of the hypocrisy behind the scenes, there’s a United front that sees them uphold all that is just and fair, that’s why they are the leading race and regardless of how many blacks who behaves like they’ve never seen gold before, you can rarely find them behaving like us.

And you wonder how they were able to take our resources in exchange for a mirror?

We’ve been stupid for so long. It didn’t start today.

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