Recently I was thinking about the phrase “Be Yourself.” How society advises you to be yourself, but would stand anything else but the idea of you actually being yourself. I personally think it is funny.

Ever wondered why people we call outcasts and infamous have millions of fans and influence around the world? It is simple, they sold the idea of who their fans wish to be but have no courage to become and everyone aligned and followed them. Knowingly or not.

Let me state here that as individuals, we are subsets of society and the society we blame sometimes may just be us looking at the flipped image of the man in the mirror. I understand it is okay to wish people were prim and proper at every point in time, but the beauty of life is that it is unscripted.

It is proven that we all exist as unique beings in the capsules of time and the more we look alike the more we don’t actually look, alike. Nature and nurture made it such that we all have preferences and choices. This helps us align to schools of thoughts, have behavioral patterns and philosophies that guides our co-existence and at any point in time when these do not pose a threat to the existence of another, we are free to be and to live.

I think we would stop judging people at first thought if we actually ask the question “are they being themselves at this moment?” aside if you don’t want them to be themselves though; in such an instance, who or what should they then be?

I can’t guarantee you that I’ll be myself everywhere, but for the mean time, I can only pledge to let friends, colleagues and everyone I come across have the free platform to express themselves around me, while I assist them in their journey to becoming their best version. Or not.

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I'm Dav-Oz, and  I'm the Chief Editor of The Dav-Oz Blog, a graphic designer and upcoming fashion designer.

I'm just your regular young Nigerian lad with dreams and hope for a better future.

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