What better way to begin this year’s awards than with this rock of a lady.

When I began as a student of Computer Engineering in the University, she was one of the first persons I recognized in my department, partly because she was the Assistant Course Rep of my set. I remember then, we all gathered for a brief address by the Course Rep outside one of our lecture theatres. Amara was standing beside him with a smile which I soon discovered was her default facial expression. I think the CR was saying something about putting down our names with Amara after the meeting. So under the sun, everyone was on her to put down their names. And I watched as Amara would calmly receive the names one after the other. Now, if you attended a typical Nigerian federal university, you’d understand how rowdy and unsettling the scenario could have been. Yep, that was how it was, but Amara maintained her calmness. If you succeeded in getting her attention, your name was down. If not, that’s your business. For the record though, I was among those students who’d wait until the crowd had died down before doing the needful. But I digress.

Asides formal quick chats that never lasted for approximately more than 10 seconds, we never talked till we were in our 3rd year. I think it began when she commented on one of my post. I kid you not; I was on top of the world. That’s to show you how high I take this lady.

Amarachi has been one of the strongest fans of House of Dav-Oz. Whenever I post our works online, you can be sure to see her handle as one of those who liked it. And it doesn’t stop there; she has on numerous occasions personally commended me on how unique my work always is. When she was made the Editor-In-Chief of the Final Year Computer Engineering Departmental Yearbook for our set, she made sure I was in the editorial committee as part three elite graphic designers that designed the book.

Everyone who has come in contact with Amara even from a distance can unequivocally affirm that she is one of the best human beings you could ever meet; amiable, jovial, intelligent, calm, gentle, non-judgmental, not easily derailed and above all, cheerful. She commands respect by her attitude alone and trust me, in my department then, that’s hard to come by. That’s why it’s an honor for me to announce her as the first Dav-Oz Motivational Icon for the year 2020.

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