How do I begin to describe this young man? Thoughtful, outspoken, funny, articulate, unconventional, cheerful, talented, honest; Victor Ugoo Njokwu is all & more.

I and Victor started out on a Customer-Client base. He wanted a logo and was connected to me through a mutual friend. I found him to be quite professional as a client; ready to listen to views and ideas different from his, about how the logo should look, even when it derailed from what he had in mind. We finally ended the transaction with him being satisfied. Eventually, we remained casual friends and we would once in a while comment on each other’s status. How the “casual” transformed into a very trust worthy relationship is beyond me.

Victor is the kind of friend I go to tell whatever major action I plan to take or do, not necessarily to take permission, but to just know what he thinks.  Do you want to know the interesting part? We’ve never seen, largely due to the fact that we leave far very much apart from each other and it’s been 3 years now.

Another amazing thing about Victor Ugoo Njoku, is his lingual ability. As someone who’s always been fascinated by the English language and attracted to people who could speak it fluently, it was no stress to immediately fall in love with Victor when we first spoke on the phone. The diction, accentuation and enunciation of important words were just spot on. He could speak for hours and those qualities would never change; like I was really marveled. But that’s not the striking fact. As fluent as Victor is in English, so is he in Igbo. I always love when people speak in English and mix with correctly blended Igbo, Victor is one of such. According to him, he and his siblings were all brought up with Igbo; he became better in English on his own. Currently, Victor is learning Deutsch; just a matter of time and he could be a master.

As a principled young man, Victor understands the need for time management. You can’t see him joking when there is something to do. He’d always prefer things be done earlier than at the 11th hour.

Victor Ugoo Njoku is also a seasoned writer, blogger and entrepreneur.

The House of Dav-Oz will always value Victor Ugoo Njoku for his ceaseless contributions to the development & growth of the brands under her. That’s why it’s an honour for us to confer this Motivational Icon award on him. Keep in touch as we continue to reveal this year’s awardees.

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I'm just your regular young Nigerian lad with dreams and hope for a better future.

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