Funny, intelligent, quintessential, classy, smart, beautiful and what have you; this lady is times two of them all. To be sincere, her Facebook wall can wipe out your sad moments. That’s how much life Mercy Iyene Etim radiates.

I haven’t met Mercy one on one (when we do, heaven’s going hold me from embarrassing myself as a result of joy), so I can only tell you what I know about her from the surface.

Mercy Iyene Etim is a writer, OAP, digital Strategist, blogger and Entrepreneur. Her blog, is a haven of carefully constructed information, articles and news all for your knowledge and pleasure. Her first book, Tales by Molue (which I still eagerly want to read though) is according to critiques, a perfect blend of intrigue, captivation and humor. I can only imagine based on 3 – 4 years of stalking her Facebook wall that it would be a very good read we might even have to talk about in blog.

Mercy will describe herself to you as a Married Bitter Feminist, a name she took off from disapproving comments of her stand in the issue of Feminism. The truth is, it was because of Mercy I had to fully understand what feminism really is and not what misogyny portrays it to be. To be very honest, her wall on Facebook hasn’t just been a source of laughter for me; but also a platform for learning. I can’t even begin to count all I’ve learnt from her that have sharpened my mindset over the years. I can still remember when she made a post talking about how possible it is for one to “unhear” something even from a role model (you won’t understand). She’s also someone who believes every man has the right to do whatever with his or her life as far as it isn’t affecting those around physically. Mercy will make a very good keynote speaker at any conference tagged “How to mind your business” or “It’s not all about you”.

Another thing I love about Mercy Iyene Etim is her strength. You can never talk her down. If you want to be mad on her wall, she’d show you a classier way to exhibit madness and yet maintain her dignity.

P.S: It’s always a joyful moment for me whenever she comments on my post. The day she referred to me as her crush, I almost ran mad.

Well, honestly, I’m more than happy I met her on this space and it’s an honour presenting her with the Dav-Oz Motivational Icons Award. Congrats Mercy. Keep in touch as we continue to reveal this year’s awardees.

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