It will be a very big mistake for me if this list should end without appreciating this young lad. Of all persons I’m grateful for coming across while in the University, Godswill makes it to the top 3 on the list. You see, Godswill Ndukwe is that friend whose presence alone has the capability of encouragement; with him around, you’d forget you have an issue till moments after he’s gone.

Let me start with how we met. So one day in my 2nd year in school, after having a deep-heated argument with my roommates then, I set out to go for my lectures. When I got to the lecture hall, I realized that the year one students were still making use of the hall. I had to sit on one of those cemented chairs and wait. To pass out time, I took out a book by Joel Osteen to read. I was deeply engrossed in the book that I didn’t notice when Godswill sat beside me, waiting for someone. He saw the book and asked what the name of the book was, that was how a long conversation ensued between us like we’ve known before. That day started what turned out to be a very committed friendship between the both of us.

One striking thing about Godswill Ndukwe is his knowledge of almost everything intellectual. I remember one time in the school library, he found me reading about the White House, but I was having difficulty continuing because of how tiny the words were on my system. There and then, in what seemed to be a regular conversation, Godswill began to give me detailed history of the white house. On other topics, he’s also been similarly equipped with knowledge.

Another thing you can’t miss in Godswill is his tender heart. He knows how to be an emotional support when you need it the most. He’s one of the least judgmental people you’ll ever meet; a good listener and a very amazing role model.

Even in a hurry, the good work of Godswill Ndukwe for this brand can never be forgotten. It’s really our deepest privilege to present him as one of this year’s 2020 Motivational Icons.

That round up our list of special Awardees for the year. Now keep in touch as we reveal those who made it to the DOMI Power List 2020.

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