The relationship House of Dav-Oz has with this young man is one which we never want to end. Dav-Oz fashion in particular, can’t relay her story without mentioning the role of Mr. Dominic in it.

The qualities possessed by Mr. Dominic can’t be over-quantified; articulate, mature, jovial, idealistic, caring, reliable and above all, cheerful. He’s someone that once both of you have come to a trusting point in your friendship; he’s committed to carrying you along. Personally speaking, my success story can’t be complete without mentioning him.

We met when I applied to showcase as a fashion designers in one of his shows he hosted for fashion designers in school. After we began talking, I won’t lie; it’s been positivity till this moment.

Dominic is a model, model instructor, magazine editor and a powerful businessman. He is the brains behind The Nigerian Teen Beauty Pageant (which is in its third year now) & The African Fashion Fest & Model Awards. He’s also the mastermind & Chief Editor of Lumin8 Magazine. All the above are under his foundation, Streat2Seat Concepts Nigeria where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer.

Dominic is one individual who never backs down when the odds are against him. No matter how you advise him, if it’s not to find an alternative to move forward, you can forget it. And his positivity rubs on people around him.

In leadership, one striking thing about him is his non-bias to close friends he leads. I think he falls into the category of those who separate their personal life from their work life; a character I really wish I have. He strives for excellence; once you’re not productive in that area, he drops you and life moves on.

This is Mr. Dominic’s second time receiving this award; the first being a year ago. We can say for a fact that he really is an icon to watch out for. Keep in touch as we continue to reveal this year’s awardees.

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