If talent, persistence & perseverance were one guy, he’s Victor Mmendie. Since the first day I began chatting with him, there’s been this aura of grace and majesty about him. From his perfectly accentuated English to his unwavering eloquence in speaking; let’s not even begin to talk about his mind blowing talents and will power (I’m getting to that).

The first time we spoke on the phone, I won’t lie, I was skeptical at first of the diction. It almost sounded unreal; but after more than an hour and he still maintained the diction, I began to believe that was really his tone. To this day, I haven’t heard another form of diction from him. But that’s not the reason he’s being awarded tonight.

Mmendie is an acclaimed fashion designer, fashion illustrator, stylist, tutor, writer, singer and entrepreneur. He’s the brains behind Mmendie Fashion Illustration Institute (which have produced quite a number of well trained student) & Mmendie’s Caboodles. Because of his quite eccentric talent in creating artic beauty via his fashion illustrations, he’s received quite a number comments from notable Nigerian and Int’l celebrities of which includes the Grammy-Award Winning Producer, Krucial Keys in 2017 who commended him on a job well-done in one of the looks off his “Black Don’t Crack” Collection. In 2019, he was contacted by the phenomenal Nigerian movie legend, Mercy Johnson-Okojie to create a theme for the premier night of her movie, The Legend of Inikpi which turned out to be amazing.

Mmendie has been a source of encouragement both for me and my brand. If you’re down and by chance, you happen to have a chat with Mmendie, be sure to know that you’ll be leaving that conversation with a smile. He always know what to say, when to say and how to say it and he’s committed to having you lightened up.

The last thing that can ever dampen this young man’s spirit is failure. He has this unspoken motto that everything will always workout fine, no matter how long it takes. No wonder he’s beginning to see the result of all his stress years back.

Mmendie is really a motivation to many and we’re so proud to be presenting him with this tonight. House of Dav-Oz is really indebted to you sir. Keep in touch as we continue to reveal this year’s awardees.

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