God has made himself known to us in encounters.
Encounters are better than knowledge.
Until we see Jesus we have not started ministry.
It’s not about the books we have read.
or even how much of the Bible we know.
Rather it is how much of encounters we have experienced, encounters help us understand the knowledge we already have.

The anointing we seek is for our assignment, our office needs our anointing to grow, it’s best to discover our office and employ the anointing, for the anointing to be effective, encounters are necessary because we will understand our anointing through what we encounter.

It takes brokenness to get an encounter from heaven, it has to take tale the willingness of a man to become a worthy vessel of God. Our labors sharpen the anointing of our lives.

Let our addictions be towards the Bible, gospel music, and prayers, let us stand firm with the world of God so when we make utterances, it comes like words truly coming out from Him who is in heaven.

During our encounters, our angels of ordination come to reveal to us our hidden assignment, we need to be purged to make our work with God easier and result-oriented for men to see the glory of God.

Our fathers of old had access to God because they looked for Him not for the glory of men, if God will use us we must be cleansed and not make our choice to be negative but rather positive things so that we will neither be hot nor cold so there should be no compromise when it comes to God for everyone we erred we gave ourselves to the devil, man came from God.

Strive to be a vessel of God by lawful labor, so that the reward will be right and your rising will be accurate and dwell in the holy of holies. we should rid our soul of everything it desires so that the devil’s attempt can be thwarted and not be successful. What we do in our secret place is viewed spiritually. the longer we waste and do not arrive makes men doubt God, our arrival is a way of life. there is a version of us that we must get into to make an impact.

Until what comes to the altar touches a man, the man will not command presence, it is called coals of fire that a man must be scorched so that His results can gain respect.
Mountains, waves, and horns are there to bring us down but if we stand strong, we will be victorious. Before we ask for fire, we should ask to be nailed to the altar, let God be our consistent decision.

Keep pressing so our generation will follow Go when our manifestation comes. This is our mark, our test as ministers of the gospel.

Creation is a benefactor of the glory of God, not a revealer, humans are the revealers of God’s glory. it takes a man who knows God can reveal. until we move into a higher realm then we can reveal God’s glory. We need to become men so that God can use us. We are the software to God’s hardware. We are to reveal glory. We should walk according to the way of our destiny in Christ Jesus. We are gods, the children of the most high.


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