In the intricate dance of courtship, where emotions run high and connections deepen, navigating the path toward a chaste relationship requires a deliberate and thoughtful approach. In a world that often blurs the lines between love and physical intimacy, it becomes crucial to uphold and respect personal values. This blog post serves as a guiding beacon for individuals seeking a blueprint for chaste courtship, emphasizing the importance of preserving one’s values amidst the pressures of modern romance.

As we delve into the realm of relationships, this exploration is not just about setting limits or enforcing rules. Instead, it’s an invitation to understand the profound impact of respecting personal values, fostering a connection that goes beyond the physical, and building a foundation that stands the test of time. Join us on this journey as we unravel the significance of conscious choices, open communication, and mutual understanding in the pursuit of a chaste and fulfilling courtship.

1️⃣ Make Sure You Get Engaged Or Enter Into Courtship With A Born Again Christian Or A Person Who Accepts Pre-marital Sex As A Sin And Is Ready To Shun It. That Way It Will Be easy for Both Of You To Avoid This Dangerous PitFall That Has Ruined Many.

2️⃣ Both Of You Should Determine That Your Courtship Season Would Be Pure, And Discuss How To Achieve This.

3️⃣ Pray About This Decision, Cause By The Arm Of Flesh No One Can Prevail.

4️⃣ Always Discuss The Issues Of Sexual Purity In Your Courtship, Do Not Shy Away From It, and Do Not Pretend About It, But Be Frank And Obey God.

5️⃣ Make A Vow Together To Obey God. Promising Him (God) You Will Not Have Sex Till Your Wedding Night. Always Reminding Each Other The Vow Whenever You Meet, And Praying About Yhs Vow You’ve Made, Asking God For The Grace To Abide By It.

6️⃣ Avoid Staying Together For A Long Time Doing Nothing In Particular. (Watch Out For The Devil’s Deception, He Will Surely Tempt You, But Stand Firm And Obey God.

7️⃣ Never Sleep Together In The Same Room Let Alone In The Same Bed. Make No Excuse For This And Never Think You Are Too Anointed To Fall. ( There Are No Strong Men, We Only Have Smart And Wise Men).

8️⃣ Avoid Meeting Behind Closed Doors Or In Dark Places, so, What Happens In Darkness Doesn’t Come to Your Mind; Open All Doors And Windows And Put The Devil To Shame.

9️⃣ Avoid Meeting In Lonely Places; Do Not Give The Devil Undue Advantage Over You.

???? Never Allow The Evil Thought Of Confirming Sexual Compatibility to Come To Your Mind. It Is A Lie And Deception Of The Devil, You Must Not Fall Into It.

1️⃣1️⃣ Avoid Physical Contact As Much As Possible; Hence Do Not Encourage Kissing, Perking, Hugging, Petting, Fondling, Touching, And kissing. If You Set On The Fire Of Passion Immaturely, It Will Burn You.

1️⃣2️⃣ Avoid Watching Worldly Films And Reading Ungodly Books and magazines Either Alone Or Together. They Will Destroy Your Resistance To Sin.

1️⃣3️⃣ When You Discover Your Partner Is Doing Something That May Arouse You; Do Not Pretend Nothing Is Happening; You Need to wisely Caution them. And if he Or she Continues, It Is Better To Leave The Place at that Moment Than Allow God To Leave You.

1️⃣4️⃣ Avoid Unnecessary Long Courtships, Get Married As Soon As Possible. It Is Better To Get Married Than Burn With Lust.

➡️ In Summary, In as much as There Are A Lot Of Other Precautions To Take, I Believe That The Most Important thing Is To Be Sure You Are At Peace With Your Maker And Your Intended Spouse As Well, Cause Courtship Is For Those Ready And Prepared For Marriage, Then Be Conscious And Be Not Ignorant Of The Enemies Devices, Always Be On Guard.

Never be too Confident Of Your Spiritual Strength ( Rom. 8:10) Where Mighty Anointed Men And Women Of God Have Fallen, We Should Tread Cautiously.

Something Worthy of note is that,
Your Hormones Are Not Born Again

Your Humble Brother,
© Revd. Divine Victory Emezie

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