Classy, elegant, top-notch; these are few of the qualities that could be used to describe Queen Chimuanya even without meeting her in person. A simple look at her and you’d no doubt catch the grace and majesty exuded by her every move & attitude. Maybe that’s why it’s no wonder she won the coveted crown of The Nigerian Teen World; the prestigious title given annually to the grand winner of The Nigerian Teen Pageantry organized by the Street 2 Seat Concept. On the 19th of December, two months and some days after her big win; we had the privilege to have an exclusive chat with the young beauty royalty herself. In this interview, Chimuanya showed us a little deeper part of herself than we’ve seen on social media. Below was the full conversation:

Dav-Oz Blog: Good Evening Queen Chimuanya.

Queen Chimuanya: Good Evening.

DOB: So let’s start with yourself, can you tell us a little bit about you?

QC: My name is Onyemuwa Chimuanya Favour, I’m from Ozuitem in Bende Local Government Area of Abia State, Nigeria. I’m the first of Five (5) children. I did my nursery and primary education at the Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education and my secondary education at the Federal Government Girls College, Umuahia, Abia State. Currently, I’m a 300 level student of Abia State University, studying Microbiology.

DOB: Wow. Just being curious, how does it feel being the eldest sibling?

QC: Honesty speaking, it’s not been so easy at all because my younger ones are looking up to me and so if I should make a mistake, it affects them too.

DOB: We believe we all know what that feels like. How do you cope with the pressure?

QC: Endurance.

DOB: (Laughs), that’s awfully straight to the point. Good luck though. So first of all, congratulations on your big win as The Nigerian Teen World, 2020.

QC: Thank you so much, I really appreciate.

DOB: Can you as best as you could, tell us how you feel occupying that position?

QC: Well I feel very happy and grateful to God for the opportunity. It’s not easy because despite so many obstacles, I still came out great.

DOB: You mentioned obstacles, can you briefly explain further?

QC: Well, we had to go through a lot of processes; the audition, the online voting which was really not easy because of the pandemic, highest likes and comments both on Instagram and Facebook; It just wasn’t easy, the pressure was so much. At some point, I almost gave up but I stood my ground and I really thank God for that.

DOB: That’s amazing, especially given the fact that despite all you’ve mentioned, you overcame. So what was the first thought that came to your mind when your name was announced as the winner? Were you expecting the win?

QC: When my name was called, I was like “for real?” (Laughs) And No, I wasn’t expecting the win. I did my best.

DOB: Yes, very true.

QC: Yeah.

DOB: But if put on a scale of 1-10, given your commitment, how much will you say you were sure the crown was yours?

QC: I would say 8.

DOB: Very confident I must say.

QC: Yeah thanks.

DOB: Now let’s talk about the other finalists.


DOB: How would you describe your relationship with them, most especially, those who made it with you to the final stage of the contest?

QC: We all flowed very well. At least, getting to know them was fun, and with them by my side I think we make a great team.

DOB: Ok, who would you say was your biggest competition amongst them?

QC: Well, I would say my second, that’s the 1st runner up, The Nigerian Teen Universe

DOB: That should be Ms Tabouka Janet, right?

QC: Yes.

DOB: Nice. If we may ask though, what would you say made you win?

QC: I would say my mindset and God’s grace, I won’t lie.

DOB: Highly Noted. So did you always want to be a beauty queen?

QC: Yes. As a matter of fact, I see this responsibility I’m in now as a stepping stone

DOB: Now, Street 2 Seat Concept, the organizers of The Nigerian Teen Pageantry, how would you describe the organization? Would you say they are really good agents or just there?

QC: They are really good agents. With Mr Dominic there, I’m very sure of that.

DOB: Now the road after the big win, how has it been for you?

QC: Moving smooth and good.

DOB: Any recent development or tour we all should be looking out for?

QC: Yes, I’ve had an interview with reach FM at owerri with my runner ups and it was successful.

DOB: Nice. Is there any coming in the future?

QC: By God’s grace, my project.

DOB: Can you shed more light on that? Or is it meant to come as a surprise?

QC: Yes, as a surprise. (Laughs)

DOB: (Laughs) then we are earnestly waiting for the reveal.

DOB: So how can one be able to keep up with you via social media?

QC: Ok, I’m @certified­_cheemuanya on Instagram and Chimuanya Favour on Facebook.

DOB: Lastly, any word of advice for aspiring beauty queens out there?

QC: Yes, I really want to advice young girls out there to never give-up on themselves no matter what. As far as it’s of good to you and the society, keep doing it.

DOB: We believe you actually spoke to someone out there. Well, it was really nice talking with you Queen Chimuanya. We hope to do this some other day. Thanks for your time, ma’am.

QC: The pleasure is mine. Thanks too.

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