Every man’s existence revolves around this. The quality of every man’s life and ministry is as a result of the morals (principles, values, virtues etc.) by which he lives or operates. I’ve discovered in the little time I’ve spent on Earth, that the gifts of a man could bring him to certain heights of Glory, but it’s only his character that retains him or makes him survive the test of time. In other words, there is a constant war between “character” and “reputation”, but all these I believe, is traced to two basic things; NATURE AND NURTURE, and all should be established in the FAMILY.

* I believe earnestly and know that if the family can be salvaged, the future has HOPE. Why do I say this? It’s no secret that majority of broken homes give birth to broken children, which in turn results to a broken Society. So If we’re to fix this error, we have to go back to the foundation; THE YOUTHS (married and single) & THE CHILDREN.

* The quality of every marriage is as a result of the quality of the man’s life in complement with the quality of the woman’s life.

To go further let me start with this:


Life as we know it can be interpreted in several ways. I suppose we all know by now that your philosophy on a thing determines how you relate to and with it. Know that your understanding of a thing quickens your belief in it and speeds you up in preparation for manifestation.

So from now till the next few weeks, I’ll try answering the question, “What Then Is Life?” in many Sentences as case studies and breaking them into bits with the help of the Holy Spirit, my Greatest Teacher.

Life Is A Challenge.

The question is “what is a Challenge?” and “what makes life a Challenge?”

A Challenge can be said to be an instigation or antagonism intended to convince a person to perform an action they otherwise would not;


It could be said to be a difficult task, especially one that the person making the attempt finds more enjoyable because of that difficulty.

What Then Makes Life A Challenge?

 A Challenge is never one until it makes you do what you would not do naturally.

Answering the question of what makes life a challenge is broken in this saying of mine, “Life doesn’t give you what you desire, deserve or need but what you take out of it”.

Everything in life, consciously or unconsciously, comes as a challenge which forces you to do what you naturally wouldn’t do.

As far back as while you were a Kid it began, no child would naturally want to cry, but the challenge of hunger, warmth, pressure and so on, forces the child to cry and as he realizes that it is productive, he begins to enjoy the act which naturally wasn’t so from the beginning. This graduates to his Nursery and Primary School stages,.

Now normally reading is boring but when you realize that because you prepared for an exam or test and came out the best which in turn leads to you being celebrated and the envy of your set/ colleagues, it pushes you to enjoy studying not because you would naturally do it but cause it makes you a constant celebrity.

I could go on and on but we’ll still land on the same point. Life Indeed is a chalk and what you need to do is FACE IT.

In Summary for Today “How Do We Face life as a Challenge?”

Now we’ve ascertained that life is a Challenge, this Truth will bring you and I to the understanding that “THE ENEMY YOU CAN DEFEAT IS THE ENEMY YOU’VE LEARNT”.

So to be able to Win a Challenge just like as in a chess game, you need Information, Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom (which is the application of the information and knowledge you’ve acquired and understood).

Experience is not the Best Teacher, Revelation is;

Till we meet next week, ponder on this and if you have questions, views or comments, do feel free to put them down in the comment section.

I’m your friend, DVE. WITH LOVE.


Pst. Engr. Divine V. Emezie

Motivational Speaker, Orator, Gospel Minister, Engineer

DVE is a young minister, with a passion for young people like himself and for God. He currently lives in Anambra State, Nigeria

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