Hello and welcome to another beautiful weekend. Last weekend was fantastic and I am so sure you guys had a blast this week with the songs from the playlist.

Well, this weekend we will be looking at the top ten songs from my workout playlist. For those of us that do take fitness exercising seriously, this would help you feel the rhythm and fun as you stretch those abs. Nevertheless, with the little said, I would also want to drop some positive words; ” Never let anyone measure your worth”.

Here are my Top 10 Workout Playlist

  1. One last time by Ariana Grande.
  2. Standard by Rekado Banks.
  3. Happiness by Little Mix.
  4. I will never let you down by Rita Ora.
  5. Boyshit by Madison Beer.
  6. Starship by Nicki Minaj.
  7. Johnny by Yami Alade.
  8. If it ain’t me by Dua Lipa ft Ariana Grande.
  9. Rain on me by Lady Gaga ft Ariana Grande.
  10. Only girl in the world by Rihanna.

That’s it for today. I believe these songs are enough for your playlist this week. Don’t forget to rate this piece or better still, comment what you think. Till next week, Happy Listening!!!

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