TOP 10 BANGERS OF 2021 (By Kelvin V. Okwor)

We had a good run in the year 2021 where both international and also our own Nigerian artists had a blast in their music careers. This they did with their lovely ground breaking hit songs that not only went viral but also drew further lights on them. From Ckay’s “Love Nwantinti” to essence by Wizkid and Tems, Peru by Fireboy, Wild Side by Normani, Montero by Lil Nas X, the list goes on.

We also got blessed by remarkable artists such as Adele who dropped her latest album last year.

Well, here’s my list of the top 10 bangers of 2021:

  1. Montero by Lil Nas X.
  2. Wild Side by Normani.
  3. Essence by Wizkid and Tems.
  4. Love Nwantinti by Ckay.
  5. Peru by Fireboy.
  6. Have Mercy by Chloe.
  7. Astronaut in the Ocean by Masked Wolf.
  8. Driver’s License by Olivia.
  9. Leave The Door Open by Silk Sonic.
  10. Kiss Me More by Doja Cat and SZA.

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