SIM PARTY (By Nnamdi Dixon Onuoha)

Just see him party.
Like a free antelope,
He planned to elope.

Elope with every product of her sweat.
He soaked her wet
When he called her sweet
And sent her tweets.

Drilled her like a borehole
She moaned from her soul
As her eggs fell into one bowl.
If only she knew his goal.

Her journey was ije love,
But the path she took was wide and rough.
She shut down friends and family,
Cos all she saw was Jubilee.

Day in day out
My guy dey cash out.
Senselessly she sacrificed her all,
Till the figure of downfall stood tall.

He had her death planned out,
He took pills to bang her out.
She moaned in bed
Till she dropped dead.

Just see him party.
He tried to elope
But his rod of destruction got stuck inside her envelope.

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