She came to pray,

But she became a prey.

Fighting for freedom

In God’s kingdom.

Zips went down,

Dress torn,

Boys took turns,

Like thorns in her flesh.

She cried,

But they took her pride.

Cos there was nowhere to hide.

They wanted a jolly ride

And their libido kept banging,


They banged her into coma,

Their thing went screeeee ya

Pa pa pa pa pa.

This time man was hot,

Very hot.

And they never cared if she was hurt.

They never cared if she bleated like a a goat.

They hurt her till she began to bleed.

And at the peak of her voice, she screamed.

It is finished! It is finished!

She bled and died,

But she wasn’t Christ.


They killed him with the bow,

Cos he was rainbow.

They made him lame,

They called him names.

Slammed the door on his face,

And treated him like feaces.

What did he do?

He just wanted to do

What others do

The way he knows how to do.

They set him up,

Extorted and beat him up.

To them he was a toy,

Because he had a boy.

In his journey to find love,

He found rough.

He suffered for love,

But he wasn’t Christ.

The people;

Mourning every morning.

The children were like preys in the hands of hunters.

Fathers raped their daughters.

Brothers killed their brothers.

A search for love, even a piece,

But hatred and insecurity wouldn’t give them peace.

Sleepless nights,

Everyone claiming right.

The innocents were killed,

They died for all, but they weren’t Christ.


A product of curiosity,

High tension velocity

That takes away serenity.

It makes a joke of truth and justice,

Tribute to lady peace.

The people are crazy

A one sided democracy.

A fight for a say,

Surely wouldn’t pay,

Cos an eye for an eye

Can never be Christ.

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