Had I known they say comes last, this was my fate on the 13th day of July, 2020. Earlier, I had been excited about the party. I searched for the best cloth to wear, I went to the bank to get some cash for drinks at the party, I didn’t know why I was excited about this party but I prepared very well for it.

At exactly 5:30 pm that day, I dashed into the bathroom, took my bath and got ready for the event. A black jean trouser, yellow t-shirt and my sparkling white sneakers apart from which, every other thing I wore was black and yellow.

But all that excitement made room for anxiety as soon as I got to the party and discovered it was a cultist infested domain. I was a perfect example of what you would call a “Johnny-Just-Come”. I could feel my heart beat strongly to the tension the atmosphere brought. I immediately went in with my course mate Iyke to see the celebrant and give him my gift so I can leave the party immediately.

I told him my grandma needed my help and I needed to hurry back home. I handed the gift to him. It was packaged in a golden brown colored gift box and a white ribbon at the center, tied in a bow shape.

As I was leaving, four guys approached me, the tall fair guy with dark lips looked at me sternly.

“Wither you” He said as I looked at him confused.

The next guy calmly came close to me, almost whispering “Which umbrella cover you?”

“Guy, this guy na 48, make we drive am” One of them shouted. he was short, ugly and a perfect definition of black. He had scars all over his body and at the right side of his face.

“No, free am, na John man” said the fair tall guy. He then turned to me. “Guy drop something and disembark”.

They wanted to take my phone but some men came in with arms and every one disappeared, I stood there confused, maybe I was already high on weed smoked by others at the party. I wanted to turn back and meet the celebrant but I heard a voice from the back that ordered me to stop. I was paused for a moment, I could feel my leg leave my body, goose bumps, cold sweat. If only I had known, I would have stayed at home”.

I noticed they were SARS men. At first, I was relieved, but remembering from past stories by my friends that it was better to fall into the hands of cultists than SARS men, I became more terrified. They asked me questions which I could not defend, I could not even explain why I wore black and yellow which they said was the “ayez” color. Their leader slapped me and the environment seemed like there was an earthquake, nothing stood straight in my eyes, everything was shaking.

“Wey your gang mates?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about Sir”

” You think say we dey joke, abi?”

He slapped me again and again. The fifth time, I became furious. I shouted aggressively that I was innocent of the allegation. One of them hit my head with his gun, I was down.

My head was so heavy. I saw death. My eyes ran off in search of help, my spirit left my body. What wrong could I have done to these folks? They have taken laws into their hands. Am I guilty of the accusation? Is it a crime to look good? My spirit screamed with tears rolling down my cheeks. My blood was scared of coming out. The weak part of me danced to the drum of death.

But I was innocent!

ONYEKACHI NNANNA is a member of Nak Literary Team, a sub-division of Nak Ace Konceptz. Nak Ace Konceptz is a talent building brand that aims at inculcating excellence via skillfulness and talents in the society.

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