A NIGHT STAND (My First Experience): By Nnamdi Dixon Onuoha

A minute past twelve in the morning,
Half lit room,
Just the two of us.
He grabbed my hands by force.
I knew it was about to get down.
Eyes glued to mine,
He asked, “Dixon are you ready?”
I could hear my heart beat unsteady,
And a shivering “yes” that made me sick.
My flesh was weak.

“This should always be with you”,
He said as he brought it out from his bag, new.
It was still sealed.
“Open it”, his trembling voice pierced
As I reached out for it.

Three hours gone and we are still standing,
He whispered we are just starting,
The atmosphere was dense, I wasn’t just hot,
My knee cap also hurt.
I could feel the pain inside,
This was no longer a jolly ride.

In the morning I was exhausted,
But we stood all night and never rested,
He gave me the new Bible as a gift,
Since I told him I had none.
“Meditate on it daily, its our strong tower”,
He said, “for we wrestle against principalities and powers”.

Even though I saw Bro. Okey as being heartless,
I still blamed my self for not understanding the invitation SMS
It was in bold letters

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