The keys to prosperity have been given to us just as King Ahasuerus in the book of Esther gave Mordecai and Queen Esther the royal ring to command and overthrow their enemies so also has God given us the key to unlocking our wealth on earth but some of us do not even know that so we make the key irrelevant by keeping it as a monument, an item we term precious but neglect the value placed upon it.

In these perilous times, it is time to pick up the ring and live above the economy of this earth, let’s prove to the atheists that our God really exists by living in prosperity no matter how hard they want to make it for one to live.

We are sons and daughters of the most high God so why subject ourselves to the little capacity they provide when we have heavenly supplies at our disposal.

Make God your priority be dogged in everything you do to make money and reap dividends of gold silver rubies and all of heaven’s treasure.

© Elle

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