“Teacher”; the word itself includes “Teach” which means “GURU” who shares the experience, knowledge, and skills to others for a better-educated world.

The teaching profession is strengthening career opportunities that contribute to the country’s growth. Let us discuss in detail the importance and characteristics of the teaching profession.

Teaching is a profession and a process of giving students more potential and making them learn important life lessons like respect, community, ethical values, and cultures.

Importance of Teaching Profession

In some parts of the world nowadays, the teaching profession is the most desirable. But in Nigeria and some developing countries in Africa, it is the opposite.

The importance of the teaching profession includes fun and learning together. Sometimes teachers themselves learn something new with teaching experience. Teachers play a vital role in student’s life by helping them achieve their goals. Therefore, choosing the teaching profession offers endless career opportunities. However, Teaching is not only a profession, it is also a call to service in education.

The following below are the importance and beauty of the teaching profession:

Improve communication skills: Teaching is a systemic technique to communicate with more people. Thus, being in the teaching profession will improve communication skills. As a result, one can confidently interact with others.

Increase knowledge and skills: Teachers are the only people who pass on their knowledge and skills to the younger generation. Thereby, motivating and inspiring students to focus and develop their natural abilities.

They are learners themselves: As learning has no boundaries, one can never stop learning. In the teaching profession, the teacher can learn at any stage and age. R.N. Tagore said, “A Lamp can never light another lamp unless if it continues to burn its own flame as a teacher can never teach unless he/she is a learner”.

Fun and learning together: The importance of the teaching profession is that one can experience fun and learn together. Besides instructing students, teachers can be involved in other curriculum activities.

Excellent organization skills: The teaching profession makes one a multi-tasker, making teachers organized and able to manage time and resources efficiently and effectively for better productivity.

Building future leaders: Teachers are the source of influencing tomorrow’s leaders. Teachers create classroom space and enable students to be educated and future responsible leaders.

Characteristics of Teaching

Many teachers teach in schools/academics/institutions, but not all may succeed in being great teachers for students.

Those who enjoy spending time with children and are willing to educate others with their skills can choose teaching as a profession.

A good teacher has the power to change lives with their education. To become an exemplary teacher, one may possess relevant qualities like creating a dynamic environment, being flexible, and kind, classroom management, a calm demeanor, etc.

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