Albert Einstein believed that imagination is more important than knowledge because imagination is the main source of yet-to-be-discovered knowledge.

Since the earliest time of civilization, an invention has helped create geniuses of the era. The invention is a simple tool that has helped the average person become a better thinker. This age-old invention has traveled far across the globe, shared by civilizations around the world for the betterment of mankind. This tool is simply the Abacus.

Memory is the ability to store and retrieve information and experiences. It has been found that memory in the left brain would not stay long, but an image recorded in the right brain would stay in mind forever.

Mental arithmetic has mobilized the learning initiative of children in mathematics concepts and given them free rein to develop their rights. This allowed the children to react faster, and think smartly; understand deeper, and obtain a stronger resemblance to lessons taught in school.

UCMAS stands for Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System.

UCMAS applies the abacus mental arithmetic teaching method as the enlightened teaching method for children. The method will be able to double up the effectiveness fast. The formation and development of mathematical concepts and operation ability are the important part of developing children’s thought.

Though UCMAS is focused on children’s mental arithmetic skills development, the program encourages parental involvement, with parents supporting and reinforcing the learning at home. Regular practice is considered crucial for the success of UCMAS students.

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