As a Christian, one of the qualities I’ve come to believe about God is that he’s the God of possibilities. So when the clause “What God Cannot Do Does Not Exist” began circulating last year and eventually became one of the most confessed confessions among Christians today, it wasn’t all new to me as I saw it as the simple definition of God’s omnipotence.

This shouldn’t have been hard, right?

Imagine my surprise when I saw a post on my Facebook newsfeed by a friend condemning the clause. According to him, there are things God cannot do; these things include lying, failing and some other things he listed that I refused to commit to my memory. He also noted that the clause is only used by people who do not study the scripture and aren’t “grounded” in Christ. Believe me, as I read, I was agape. Shock was an understatement as to what could qualify me while reading that post. To further ‘shock my shockness’, I found out that this  was really a topic for discussion almost everywhere.

It’s funny though. I mean, which right-thinking Christian in this world would read or hear the clause “What God Cannot Do Does Not Exist” and think “Oh, in that case, I’m going to ask God to help forge my credentials so I can dupe Mrs. A of her hard earned money?” or “I’m going to ask God to give me the grace to lie to Mr. B” or “Since what God cannot do does not exist, does that mean God lied when he said I and my children are for signs & wonders?”

Seriously, if one is truly a Christian, such thoughts are not even supposed to step a foot into your mental hall of understanding not to talk of being a topic up for debate. Imagine the scenario; “This House Believes That the Clause, WGCNDDNE, is Inaccurate”.

For those insisting the Clause isn’t Biblically correct, I’ve got some Bible passages for you, darlings. Read Genesis 18:14, Jeremiah 32:17, Matthew 19:26, Luke 1:37, Mark 14:36, Job 42:2 & Mark 14:35.

Nevertheless, I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But like Pastor Jerry Eze said, “To whom brain is given, sense is expected.”

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