“When I was a child,
I spoke like a child”,
That was in the past.
Maybe in the days of Paul and Barnabas.

Those days when a child was nursed till nineteen.
When to study was the dream of the teen.
When get rich quick syndrome
Was not the ruler of our kingdom.

Welcome to the new world
Where evil is civil.
Where women woo men.
Where we mingle with millions and still claim single.

If you no get money, hide your face.
So everyone wants to compete with Grace.
They end up in the streets of disgrace
And endless race.

The story of Festus,
He wanted to First us.
To rise above your peers.
No be bread and pear.

Driving Benz at fourteen was a big plus.
But the fastest track was a G plus.
Stay awake all night with your laptop.
You must cash out to be at the top.

He didn’t care if it was gold once it glittered.
A way may seem right unto a man,
But the end justifies the man.
All die no be die.

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