ARISE (By Nnamdi Dixon Onuoha)

Rise up! do not despair!
Unleash your spirit, spread your wings in the air.
Inside you, is a home of great power, untamed,
A fervent flame, a light yet unnamed.

In the face of darkness, find your beacon,
Ignite your dreams, let them never weaken.
Believe in yourself, for you are strong,
Determined, and resilient, you will right every wrong.

Embrace the challenges that life may bring,
Through every stumble, victoriously sing.
For in every setback, a lesson resides,
A chance for growth, where greatness abides.

Refuse to be bounded, by doubt or fear,
Let perseverance guide you, and bring your vision near.
The road may be tough, but you’ll find your way,
With boundless strength, you’ll seize the day.

Surround yourself with those who uplift,
With kindred spirits, forge a powerful rift.
Together you’ll rise, inspire, and shine,
A symphony of triumph, a chorus divine.

So, let no obstacle dim your vibrant light,
For in your heart, you hold infinite might.
Believe, persist, and always strive,
Unleash your potential, and truly come alive.

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