• It started like A B C,
  • But you turned it into a bee sea,
  • And made me swim and sing
  • Even with the pain from your sting.
  • My name is D,
  • D for Delicious, Darling, distinguish
  • Divine Dixon
  • But E dey pain me for heart
  • Say you turn am to capital letter F -fool.
  • You take my heart do G
  • Heart wey dey H for you,
  • Wey shun other girls cos of you,
  • IJ, Kay(K), Elle (L), emmm (M) Ene (N)
  • All these fine girls I shun
  • Cos of a love wey go from OP to OP
  • On point to off point,
  • Then you pushed me in queue (Q) of guys
  • That were in your unbelievable world of aru (R).
  •  Who is Estee (S T)?
  • Your lover abi?
  • No one of your lovers abi?
  • Because I was busy loving U
  • And U were busy loving other guys,
  • I counted you as a blessing,
  • But you named them one by one
  • Two, three, four, five years of hugs and kisses,
  • You looked into my eyes,
  • And told me lies.
  • Told me about a love that has faded like V mobile,
  • You lay me in your bed,
  • Cut hair like Delilah,
  • I was already weak like Samson.
  • Even though I saw the red light,
  • That moment I asked what you love in a relationship and you told me sex.
  • But you told me you were a virgin.
  • Virgin Rachel lover of sex.
  • You are a virgin,
  • But when I entered you, bed na dry gin,
  • You come lie one lie wey dey tear jean,
  • Say blood no fit come out, na your kind gene.
  • There was a double you (W),
  • The angel outside,
  • And the demon inside.
  • You were always praying and fasting,
  • Speaking in tongues,
  •  “Hushukata hushukata”
  • Me I no know say you dey ask God who to scatter, who to scatter.
  • I answered, here am I?
  • So you scattered my body,
  • Battered my soul,
  • Shattered my spirit,
  • Then pushed me to the list of your Ex (X)
  • Ex wey no get value.
  • Then the series of Why (Y).
  • Why(Y) oh(O) you(U)? You.
  • Why do I see you everywhere I go?
  • Why do I feel like I was wrong to break up?
  • Even when you hurt me most.
  • Zedic was my best friend,
  • Just make I enter bathroom go bath,
  • You dey ride Zed (Z).
  • Omo! Jolly rider!
  • Rachel you no get respect,
  • Abi na one year I go take bath?
  • So our beautiful love story,
  • The beautiful U & I,
  • Turned to eliminating Ex.
  • It wasn’t about the other guys,
  • It was about my best friend. Dear Ex (X), why (Y) Zed (Z)?

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