CONJOIN TO CONQUER (by Nnamdi Dixon Onuoha)

In the hollow of despair, where shadows prevail,
Lies a heavy heart, burdened by a somber tale.
Within the hollow chambers of the mind’s abyss,
Emotions entangled in a web of darkness.

Depression, a loud whisper, a constant companion,
Its grip tightens, like a relentless canyon.
Aching wounds that bleed in shades of blue,
Painting a portrait of pain that may not be too true.

In solitude’s embrace, echoes of silence resound,
As thoughts and feelings spiral round and round.
A void consumes, swallowing joy and light,
Leaving an emptiness that lingers day and night.

But amidst the darkness, a flicker of hope,
A gentle reminder that you can still cope.
Reach out for solace, let others lend a hand,
For in unity, we can withstand.

Through vulnerability, strength starts to grow,
A glimpse of resilience, a small glow.
Though storms may rage and clouds may loom,
Remember, you’re not alone in this gloom.

For when the world seems devoid of color,
Know that recovery can come like no other.
Hold onto hope, let it guide your way,
Towards a brighter, sunlit day.

In unity, we’ll navigate this fight,
Shattering the stigma with love and light.
Depression may linger, but together we’ll stand,
For hope and healing, hand in hand.

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