The music industry over the years has proven to be one the most crucial part of the society. It is an ever evolving industry that has played varying roles in aiding physical, emotional and societal development. If we can really sit and look back, we may be able to remember at least that one time a particular song had made us feel as though we were on top of the world and everything was all ok. We may also be able to remember that song that reminds us of someone special. The bottom line is that music is very essential to our wellbeing as humans.

To round up the year, we’ll be posting from time to time, exclusive online interviews with very few upcoming musical personalities that have made it a duty to contribute to the musical industries via their various musical skills.

The first person we had a chat with is the ever vibe master himself, Pukka Gunz. One thing you should know about pukka is his commitment to release the best. To him, it’s more about the passion. So guys, here is the full discussion we had with him on Wednesday, the 16th of December.

Dav-Oz Blog: Good Evening, how are you doing sir?

Pukka Gunz: I’m doing amazingly great. Thank you.

DOB: So first of all, congratulations on your released single so far.

PG: Ah! Ekene dili Chukwu Okike (Thanks be to God of Creation)! I appreciate a lot.

DOB: So Sir, can you share with us a bit about your background.

PG: Alright. I am Ikechukwu (Jnr) Augustine, son of Nwabude; also known as Pukka Gunz & Chief Eze Ana Akukpoli. I am from Abagana in Njikoka LGA of Anambra state, Nigeria. I Studied Urban & Regional Planning (URP) at University of Nigeria, My campus is at Enugu city. We are seven in my family, all boys! I’m based in Enugu state, all though I travel nationwide mostly because of my music.

DOB: Wow! How would you describe growing up with 6 brothers and no sister? Was there ever a time you wished you had a sister?

PG: (Laughs) it was a wonderful experience, on God! I had fun with my brothers, I had trouble with them at some point too. But we are all very fine with different ambitions. Of course there were times I wished I had a sister. I’ve thought of how handsome I and my brothers are, if we had a sister she would have been miss world (Laughs).

DOB: (Laughs), of course. Now, we’re sure a lot of people have asked you this particular question. The name Pukka Gunz, how did it come about and what does it mean?

PG: Yeah! I have been asked that question more than a thousand times. The Word Pukka is a word in the dictionary, which means genuine, Excellent and first-class. Gunz as in a young boy with so much energy and ambition; heard it mostly in American movies, then Cory Gunz.

DOB: Ok, I’m sure our readers are settled on that.

PG: Yes very much.

DOB: Now your second nick name you mentioned, Chief Eze Ana akukpoli, we believe was gotten from one of your songs, “Ana akukpoli”. So for those of our readers who are not Igbo, what does the name mean?

PG: Oh, (laughs) yeah! Ana Akukpoli is an Igbo word meaning “we’re cruising”, “we’re having fun” or “we’re enjoying life”. That’s what I consider to be my chieftaincy title. It was my last song before my recent one and it was very much loved and appreciated by my fans and it drew audience and listeners for me, huge.

DOB: O yeah, we thought the song was really amazing.

PG: Hundred Percent!

DOB: So let’s talk about your music. How would you clarify your style of music?

PG: I would say it’s phenomenal! Mixture of different vibration, put together.

DOB: Nicely put. We know you rap though, do you sing as well?

PG: Yes I do sing.

DOB: What if we ask you to rate your voice from 1 – 1000?

PG: (Laughs) 599.

DOB: (Laughs) that’s average. So what got you into music? When did you first know that you were meant for this?

PG: I knew I was called for this when I finished my secondary education. I was asked by a lecturer then what I wanted to be in future and I said a successful musical virtuoso, and a leader.

DOB: What can you say attracted you to the music industry?

PG: Well I would say it’s the fact that it is an incredible medium to pass knowledge and information.

DOB: Indeed, it is. Do you write all your songs?

PG: Yes I do. I write my songs myself, for now.

DOB: For now? Does that mean there’s a possibility of you paying other song writers to write your songs for you?

PG: Time shall tell. It’s not a bad idea, there are those born with that talent. I am blessed with both. Ekene dili Chukwu Okike (Thanks be to God of Creation)!!!

DOB: Indeed you are. So where do you get your inspiration to write your songs from

PG: Everything; experiences, what I hear, what’s around me etc. The inspiration comes from the Almighty. Like one of my songs from my recently released project #Closetomydream, Jungle was written when I was in the kitchen cooking. The thoughts was what brought bout that song.

DOB: What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?

PG: My profession probably.

DOB: Ok. Now as a musician, who among the famous artistes would you say you admire most?

PG: Actually I admire a lot of them because you know variety is the spice if life but I love Jay Z a lot.

DOB: Nice pick. Coming down to Nigeria, who would you say you love the most?

PG: I have something for every one of them, no cap. I just love that they make good music.

DOB: Ok, which of them do you have hopes of collaborating with in the future?

PG: Burna boy, Davido, Phyno, Wizkid, Runtown, a lot of them.

DOB: I noticed there was no female artiste mentioned

PG: (Laughs) they are included in “a lot of them”; Yemi alade, Tiwa Savage, Tems etc

DOB: Noted. So you mentioned you’ve traveled nationwide because of your music, can you name your favourite and least favourite venues where you’ve ever performed?

PG: I have travelled to Abuja for a performance with a theatre group; I recently performed in owerri, the videos are on my YouTube channel (Pukka Gunz). I have also performed at Awka, Anambra state and other numerous events, like Falz live in Enugu, FGCE Global reunion, a dinner with the Enugu State Governor etc. I won’t say any was least favourable. Once, one or more persons are there, it’s special.

DOB: Do you have any upcoming show?

PG: Yeah! I do. I’ll be performing at the Enugu state youth trade fair starting on the 17th of December 2020. That’s the one for now

DOB: So let’s talk about your songs. What is your favourite song to perform?

PG: I love to perform all of them, it depends on the event though. If you allow me, I would perform all of them straight up.

DOB: Ok, but gun to your head, which would you pick?

PG: I think I will pick the one my fans want me to perform for them.

DOB: About the mix-tape #Closedtomydreams, Are all songs original?

PG: Something like that

DOB: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

PG: I’d say the narrative, the way people look at hip hop in Nigeria.

DOB: Can you give an instance of a way people see hip hop in Nigeria?

PG: Well, I feel like they don’t value it that much.

DOB: Ok. Lastly, what message can you give the fans you’ve been able to amass out there and also, what message can you give those who would want to venture into music?

PG: My message for my fans, friends and family is that they should keep on supporting me and believing in me. My best is yet to come. And to those who would want to venture into music, they should be so sure they are called for this, It’s not for the ill hearted. I wish them well. One Love

DOB: Noted. And that’s a wrap for this interview. Thanks for giving us your time.

PG: Thank you for having me. It is my pleasure.

To listen to or download the most recent of Pukka Gunz’s songs, tap any of the links below to redirect you to the site location:

You can also contact him via:

  • Facebook: Pukka Gunz
  • Instagram: @pukka_gunz
  • Twitter: @iam_pukka

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