EXPRESS LINES (By Nnamdi Dixon Onuoha)

If loving you is like a bet,
I wish to play it till death.
Even with the fear not to get hurt,
I still can’t resist your burning flame, you’re so hot.

If loving you was sacrifice,
Maybe I will be one of the stubborn flies
Following the carcass.
Cos everything about you is enticing, you’re first class.

If loving you was gonna be like titanic,
I will rewrite the story to be free from panic.
I always want to you around my tentacles.
Where I can worship you like my Oracle.

If I was asked the definition of balanced diet,
I will say its our love that is not ready to die yet.
I will say its the glow in your eyes,
Where your strong charms lies.

If I was asked my favourite alphabets,
U and I will take the lead in the tournament.
Cos you are a priceless ornament,
And a moment without you is lifetime torment.

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