Our beautiful green and white have been destroyed with red stains.

 Nigeria! Nigeria!

You have the mirror but you refused to look into it.

 For your mind you dey slay abi?

Your eyes are almost going blind with red,

Your conscience has gone red,

You can’t see, but you can slay,

So you slay the citizens when they say.

Mother Nigeria, Our slay queen.


Where did things go wrong?


But you are married to many SIRS.

Sir hatred that hits red,

Sir corruption that brings disruption,

Sir poverty, leaving us vulnerable like puberty,

Sir bad road, accident no dey gree us grow old,

Sir expensive electricity, especially for city,

Sir strike, they always strike,

Sir hunger, that one just hug her,


Nigeria, Nigeria!

Where you dey make I ask you my questions?

Task force everywhere, so we learn to live life by force.

Eye service everywhere, even our good works na false.

We hit ourselves hard,

Yet we still cry out loud,

Choked by our bow tie,

But we pace up and down shouting,

“We can’t breathe”

Why not loosen up?

Father hands over the baton to son,

The son to another son,

Our suffering be like relay,

Our rights they delay.


I call it osi na nna,

So we saw corona,

They told us it’s from china,

Please stay at home and di na,

So we dina na our bed,

then dina in the grave,

Because even dinner we no see chop,

Man down, says Rihanna,

We can’t get close, ask jidenna,

Even your papa go tell you not to trust umunna,

They raped Adanna,

Killed Ikenna,

So our lives become onyema,

We depend on Chinekenna.


Army fire us,

The lies hitting us,

Hunger wire us,

Corona Virus,

Evil is choking us,

No one is saving us,

This is serious.

Who do we run to?


Nnamdi Dixon Onuoha

Dixon is an experienced writer and spoken words artist with numerous stage appearances and accolades to his credit. He is better known for communicating his opinions through carefully structured writings. He is based in Abia State, Nigeria with his family. You can reach him on Facebook at Nnamdi Dixon.

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