You wait at the gate,
When you go on a date.
Hoping he will make you Mrs Kate.
Even with his family of eight.
Aunty side chick, why?

You keep him away till its past eight,
His wife is up as she waits,
Poor woman, it late.
She prays for him in her faith.
Aunty side chick, why?

You ask him your fate,
Pressure him to create
A space where you can relate.
Cos you want more than a date.
Aunty side chick, why?

You push till he puts you in a double state,
So it turns to your bait.
You want marriage as a compensate.
To destroy the sweet family of eight.
Aunty side chick, why?

You knew he had a WiFi (wife) from the first date.
But you opened your hot spot with no regret,
No password, easy connect.
So he browsed your website with all his weight.
Aunty side chick, why?

He brings you home, and you jubilate.
From a mistress, to Mrs Kate.
You call your friends and celebrate.
He is rich, that’s your concentrate.
Aunty side chick, why?

You show you’re cruel in a maximum rate.
Destroy a family of eight.
You bear a son named Great,
Cos you fought a woman, your mother’s mate.
Aunty side chick, why?

Three years later, another lady is at the gate.
Slowly he stops to communicate.
You pray and fast, but its late.
Karma can never forget.
Aunty side chick, why?

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