BREAKFAST IN BED (By Nnamdi Dixon Onuoha)

Portions of french kisses
With whispers and romantic hisses.
Sweet sensations triggered by the hand master,
She moaned like a sacred cow in a slaughter,
Like oliver twist, she wanted more
As she surrendered her all.

Curtains pulled down with clothes,
And in seconds they were in their bath suits.
He sojourned into her,
A journey of a thousand miles, he was ready to go far.
He promised her together forever,
But then it was libido speaking for evans.

Her first love in her lifetime,
They just met for the first time,
And in seconds they planned their unknown future,
Cos all she saw was love in the future.
He made her scream his name,
As she clinged to him as though she was lame.

Harder and harder went the hit.
He nodded his head as he generated the beat.
Then his eyes rolled,
And his legs stretched,
He got to the peak
And came down to earth.

Then he said it was over.
He only wanted her hotspot
Not a wifi.
She was not just sixteen.
She was a virgin.
She lost it to a lie on the bed.

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