BACK FORWARD By Nnamdi Dixon & Yomore Olutayo

Too slow I just can’t wait.
Too swift, I’m so scared.
Too long, so long a grief,
Too short, cut short my joy.

As a child, I prayed to grow up fast,
And put childhood in the past.
Be a pastor,
A lawyer and a doctor.
Build my own house and a school,
Drive the best cars, that sounds cool.
Who said adulthood shouldn’t be my focus?

A shallow water that drowns you,
But you keep breathing inside,
Then it drowns you a little bit more,
And you resign to the slow death of adulthood.
A suffocation you do to yourself.

Nothing could be more suffocating
Than the eyes of elders
Glued to your tender
Waiting for you to commit a simple sin,
Then you experience a real life karate scene,
Like Jet Li, oh no Jackie Chang.
So I prayed to grow and learn my karate skills,
And bully Mr bully.

Growing up I discovered, they were all fantasy.
Adulthood, a definition of broken childhood fantasy.
Higher level of nativity.
A proper place for everything in the world except me,
Vitamin D deficiency.

Protein deficiency
And a perfect excuse to be naive,
Caged and manipulated
To do what elders want.
So we saw adults as kings
In a large throne with diamond ring
Give out orders
To others
Independent, powerful,
With full authority.
No one to hold your hands
Or regulate how you live your life.
Forcing you to have siesta
So you won’t see Esther
When she comes to the house with her mum
Cos they believe I’m too young to fall in love.

Greater knowledge of the world,
And lesser understanding of it.
Making changes upon changes,
Upon mistakes made again for a million times
Till childhood becomes once upon a time.

Once upon a time,
We played on the carpet grass,
Everyone in the class.
Dancing naked round the rain,
Running round and round again.
Ojuju calabar on our bed
Was just an imagination in our head,

Hide and seek was the best game,
So we played it till we got old with so much responsibilities
That will make you want to
Hide and seek to do a million things at a time.
Then the tear and wear, that reminds you to take one step at a time.

My feeling of nostalgia,
Shrivelled skin.
Always in a hurry to draw the curtains,
No! Tear the curtains
When they are courting,
They court into the bedroom.
Curtain pulled up,
Curtains now pulled down.
Curtains become very important,
Cutting us from our senses of morality.
If you don’t understand,
Then you are still a child.
So guard your innocence jealously before time steals it.
Yes! Time is a thief, I’m scared of time.

Time is too swift for those who fear,
Time is too slow for those who wait,
Time is too short don’t waste it.
Time is too long, make every second count.
Don’t rush it,
Don’t loose it.

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