LETTER TO MR. B (By Nnamdi Dixon Onuoha)

Mr. Backslider,
You asked the devil to get behind you,
And you slide back to be with him.
He lied,
So, you eat the fruit and hide.
Cos like Adam and Eve,
You have become bare and naked,
Stripped off the whole amour of God
You are vulnerable
But liberality will tell you, you are flexible.
You bend like the earth is without form and void,
If you bend down, you see Aba.
But na only person wey stand straight aba go salute.
Attention, at ease.
Stand attention to what you hate,
You are a stranger in your state.
Humpty dumpty, you sit on the fence
Humpty dumpty, you have a great fall.
You are spitted out,
Cos you are neither cold nor hot.
How can you see the picture,
Of the future,
When you have let the devil feature?
He disconnects you from the supernatural hotspot,
Drains your data bundle,
Then switch you to free mode
You can’t see more than the display picture.
You give up a whole garden
Just for a single fruit,
Cos he said your eyes will open.
But even frog eye no be open eye.
Dear backslider,
How long will it take you,
To realize that you can be new?
Just quit eating with the swine
When your father can give you the best of wines.

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