POLITRICKS (By Nnamdi Dixon Onuoha)

Gets you high like weed.
Intoxicating like wine,
Addictive, it contains nicotine.
Like the green bottle you hold dear.
You stagger hear and there.
Laughing in your misery, you soil your integrity in the mud.
You are cool playing dirty,
Once you acquire billions counting thirty.
Independent yet dependent.
The Godfathers clinging to your neck like a pendant.
They seem to be the answer to your prayers.
Promises that breed betrayals,
Just tell them what they want to here,
And then your sugar coated tongue will get you there.
With few naira notes to spare,
When you win, strike them with a spear.
Conscience at the back.
And when their hard shells crack,
They rise in protest,
With your army ever ready to contest.
Suffering and killings be like relay,
But in your throne, you comfortably stay.
No wahala, there is always a chronicles.
Couldn’t you have been a better leader?
You chose to win by poly-ticking.
settling for politricks.
who said you can’t be righteous in politics?
Now the world accepts your style poli-ticking.
But everything is fair in politics,
Just that we prefer politricks.

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