Dear Atheist,

 I think it’s perfectly fine to not believe in God or in the existence of any god. I think it’s okay for one to do whatever feels right to him/her; to not live a lie, pleasing anyone but themselves. I’m a true supporter of the Feminist movement, Me too movement, LGBTQ rights. I support Trans people, I don’t really understand them but I think it has to do with me not having met any trans person yet, but I still support their right to exist. I believe at the end of the day everyone should live their truth; and yes, I believe in God.

Dear Atheist,

We can’t deny the existence of fraudulent clergymen, or the discrepancies in the Bible or that the Bible in some places was expressly misogynistic. We acknowledge all these but that doesn’t mean I don’t still love the Lord. I don’t feel the need to defend my Christianity to anyone. I love the Lord. I try as much as possible to follow his precepts and yes, I fail and so does everyone else; but does that make us “not Christians”? Does a Pastor absconding with the church donations invalidate the whole religion? I do think it’s unfair to judge all Christians by the actions of a few bad eggs. And what if they aren’t a few? What if the bad eggs are many? Does it mean the whole concept of Christianity is built on falsity?

Dear Atheist,

I don’t need to explain tithing to you or what “first fruit” is. I don’t need to defend my spending half of my earnings on church outreaches. If we don’t need to explain how two consenting same sex adults find love in each other, then I don’t need to explain myself to you. If we preach acceptance and tolerance towards Muslims, then why do we at every opportunity, turn on Christianity? Why do we go out of our way to call out people for giving to their clergymen? Being woke and being a Christian aren’t mutually exclusive. I am a happy, male Christian feminist who believes in the right of women to choose. You may say I’m confused, and maybe I am, maybe I’ll see from your standpoint one day and become an atheist; that’s not likely, but who knows?

Dear Atheist,

I think it’s perfectly fine not to believe in God or in the existence of any god but when one chooses to believe in God, don’t call them delusional or stupid or gullible. It’s their choice. I believe in God and I think it’s perfectly fine to.

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