The House of Dav-Oz can’t tell her story without mentioning this young man. The first time I had a discussion with Pst. Divine, I remember we sat outside our church then, I was really shocked at how long and in-depth a first friendly conversation could be turn out. That was how we became close till this very day.

Pst. Divine is someone you can always rely on; friendly, fun-filled, cheerful and spiritual. One of the things I’ve respected more about him is his passion to be a helper even at his own expense. It’s annoying sometimes, but I’ll be damned if I don’t admit how it commands my respect. He’s a person you can easily make your friend, he’ll listen to you and advice you accordingly. A man of God I respect so much described him as a very insightful speaker.

Divine is an Engineering Graduate, a gospel Minister, a singer, a motivational speaker, a leader per excellence and a fashion conscious young man. He’s also dabbled in gospel rap, a fit he excelled quite well in before dropping it to focus more on his ministerial life.

With all those attributes above, I do not need to tell you that Divine Emezie is the least judgmental individual you could ever meet. As far as what you’re doing isn’t aimed at influencing him, you’re good to go.

When I started my blog, Pst. Divine was one of those that carried the matter on his head. With the way he praised and announced the achievement, it felt like I had scored a very huge contract with Dangote and Otedola combined. And that’s Divine for you. He makes little accomplishment look so mighty that you want to achieve more. He made me feel the same way when I launched Dav-Oz Grafix and Dav-Oz Fashion. The way he saw a future in the brands rubbed off on me that I had to see it too.

Divine has played a lot of roles for my brands. Currently, he’s one of the five Brand Faces / Ambassadors of Dav-Oz Grafix and also a co-writer on this blog with his own column, Morals by DVE, positions he hold in high esteem.

There are so much to say about this young man, a lot but I hope you can see why he is on of this year’s Dav-Oz Motivational Icon Awards recipient.

Keep in touch as we continue to reveal this year’s awardees

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