Most people who’ve become household names would tell you of how they’ve had beginnings that might or might not have been difficult. For our Dav-Oz Blog Person of the Month of September, Mr. Israel Godson, the former was the case. The amazing thing is that his story is one that really ignites hope and confirms that strength can be found even in the bleakest of circumstances. From having to deal with the loss of a parent at a very tender age to creating an award winning widely recognized brand that’s proven to be a strong force to contend with and also help bring out the best in people, Mr. Israel is gradually becoming a household name. He’s the major brain behind the annual ISIG Nigeria Icons Awards, an event that witnesses the high & mighty in attendance. Late last month, I had the privilege of chatting with Mr. Israel and I can tell you for fact that it was really insightful. Read for a closer look at the real Israel Godson.

Dav-Oz Blog: How are you doing today?

Mr. Israel Godson: I’m doing great, how about you?

DOB: I’m great sir. So, let’s start with knowing a little about you.

MIG: Alright, I’m Israel Godson, 4th son & 5th of 7 children of late Dr Godson Nwani. I’m from Okpatu in Udi LGA of Eñúgü state, finished my primary education from Colliery Primary School Iva Valley, had my secondary education at Government Technical College, and finally obtained my BSc. in economics at National Open University, all in Eñúgü. I’m currently an event planner.

DOB: Amazing I must say, but I couldn’t help but noticed you prefixed “Late” to your dad’s name, I’m really sorry for your loss.

MIG: Thank you.

DOB: Hope you don’t mind me asking; how recent was the loss?

MIG: Well it was in 2004.

DOB: How old were you at the time?

MIG: I was 9.

DOB: Do you mind sharing how you felt on getting the news?

MIG: Sorry, wouldn’t want to go back to that. Just know that It was horrible.

DOB: It’s perfect, I can understand. Sorry once again for bringing it up.

MIG: It’s fine.

DOB: So, can you tell us more about your brand, Israeli Signatures?

MIG: Ok, we are a brand that’s into event planning and management, skill acquisition trainings, pageantry and awards. We are also into humanitarian projects too.

DOB: Wow, that’s impressive. And when was the brand established?

MIG: 2016

DOB: That’s long, how would you describe the journey so far?

MIG: Not really been easy though.

DOB: Can you explain how you mean?

MIG: Well, I started my event business with zero capital. It was crazy and unthinkable but I had so much faith in myself and in God who makes all things beautiful. I started the event decoration business because I knew it was my talent and I love to do it. That one drastically grew over the years. I’ve also been a lover of leadership and capacity building, I love to impact in others positively and build their capacity in different areas of entrepreneurship. So I started the pageant brand. The aim was to groom models with business ideas and talents and train them to be a better version of themselves in the entrepreneurial sector. That way I believe the rate of unemployment in our society will reduce and also the rate of social vices. But during the course of this pageant creation, it was hectic because I had no much sponsors. My 1st event was done with d little savings I had. But subsequently, it’s gradually growing into the ISIG I dreamt of in 2016, At least sponsors are adding up.

DOB: I can understand, and what’s your mom’s stance as regards your business and events? Is she supportive of what you do?

MIG: Oh yes, so much.

DOB: Was it like that at first?

MIG: Yes, it was. In fact, she wat present at my very 1st edition.

DOB: That’s amazing. Speaking of your events, earlier this month, you really pulled grand attention to the ISIG Nigeria Icon Awards. I wasn’t present but from pictures and the mouth of attendees, I learnt it was a blissful event.

MIG: Yea it was massive to the Glory of God.

DOB: Did you imagine that outcome?

MIG: Well I knew it was going to be amazing Judging from the last edition because it’s always been climbing, but I never thought it would be that massive, pulling a lot of mighty and legendary personality and brands.

DOB: I know, right? We’re talking of the likes of Rita Edochie and co. It was really eventful.

MIG: Thank you.

DOB: So do you have a team or you mostly work alone?

MIG: I have a team thou not a permanent team; a new team is always set aside for each event so as to create a better and fresher edition. But they are different from the ISIG board that has 5 persons on it.

DOB: Wow, that’s a strong structure right there; I believe most of them are your friends?

MIG: My team must be my friends, that way we achieve a lot better.

The 2021 ISIG team

DOB: But some people believe that business with friends usually end up badly, Don’t you think so?

MIG: It all depends on the kind of friends they keep and how they let the friendship affect their business. When positive minded friends team up together to work for a particular purpose, they achieve more.

DOB: What about issues of profit, how do you resolve that?

MIG: We have our way to that.

DOB: Amazing. So, on your Facebook profile, you mentioned you’re an actor, do you still act?

MIG: Yes, I’m an actor, I still act sometimes but not so much anymore; taming it seriously due to so many other engagements.

DOB: That’s amazing sir. You said your brand is also into humanitarian projects, can you explain what you guys do in that light?

MIG: Ok. We have a project we call street walk. What we do is we move into the street, feed beggars, talk to them, pray with them and make them feel loved. We also go to rural schools, meet with kids affected with insufficient funds to cater for their education and do the little we can do for them. For some, we change their uniforms; some, we pay their bills; some, we change their school bags and so on.

DOB: That’s impressive. What made you see the need to do this?

MIG: A lot; anything we do, no matter how much we make in fame, power and/or wealth, if we don’t touch lives and impact in others, it’s void. I love a life of service; attending to people’s needs and making someone smile is all it is for me.

DOB: I get; it’s not possible to help all in need at a time, but the little love we can show is important.

MIG: Very important.

DOB: Moving on, I couldn’t help but notice you are someone who takes prayer seriously, how would you describe your relationship with God?

MIG: Intense. Overtime, I have developed an intensified relationship with God, because I’ve come to realize that all we have and will ever have comes from Him. And since then, my life has never remained the same.

DOB: Very true. So, let’s get a little personal now, are you in a relationship at the moment?

MIG: Well, not really.

DOB: Okay, not really. So there’s definitely somebody but the both of you are not official yet; is that it?

MIG: Exactly.

DOB: So, who’s delaying?

MIG: (Laughs) We both are. I guess we want to be sure before making it open.

DOB: (Laughs) I get. So we’ve established that you’re into a lot of things; how do you combine the time to attend to all you do?

MIG: It’s not really easy but I try my best, though currently looking for a good effective personal assistant; that way it’ll be a bit easier for me. But for now, I device an appropriate strategy and plan to fix all my activities each week.

DOB: Is it tasking to do that every week?

MIG: It is a little bit but I’m used to it. And besides, I have a team.

DOB: So What’s your leadership style like?

MIG: In ISIG, we don’t have anything like autocratic leadership. I, my team and workers are like friends and that’s why the communication is so effective

DOB: What of in a situation where there are differences in opinions?

MIG: We have a board to decide.

DOB: Ok then. So, who would you consider as your greatest role model.

MIG: Pst KC Richards, he’s the General Overseer of Swift Church. He has everything I’ll ever need to go through life; the Grace, Wisdom, Intellect, Ability and Knowledge. Everything. His life is a kind of life I want to live both in my ministry and work

DOB: So what’s your inspiration to young and upcoming individuals who are trying to attain the level you’re in now?

MIG: Consistency and diligence. The Bible says; “Show me a man who is diligent in his works, he shall not stand before mere men”

DOB: Nice words. So what’s the plan for the future? Is there any big project to be anticipated for?

MIG: Yes, definitely. Definitely. But still a secret. (Laughs)

DOB: Now, I’m anticipating.

MIG: Yeah, you should.

DOB: Anyway, it was nice having this chat with you. Thanks for the opportunity.

To get to know more of Mr. Israel, below are his social media handles:

Email: isigevents@gmail.com
Instagram: @Israelioficial (personal) // @israeliesignaturenigeria (brand)
Facebook: Min Israel Godson (personal) // ISIG cakes and events (official)

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